The Competition Rules


The Competition Rules are used to govern how StreetVelodrome competitive events are run and what competitors and race officials must do.


See the StreetVelodrome Competition Rules

The Sporting Regulations


The Sporting Regulations define how the national series for pro riders, pro teams and amateur riders works.


See the StreetVelodrome Sporting Regulations

The Sporting Code


Our Sporting Code creates the sporting environment, sportsmanship, respect and engagement which help deliver the core values of StreetVelodrome


See the StreetVelodrome Sporting Code

The Technical Regulations


The Technical Regulations are used to set the standard requirements for all StreetVelodrome competition events.


See the StreetVelodrome Technical Regulations

The ProSeries
Rider's Cup
The NexGen Series
SV Kids
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