The Pro Female competition will come down to the last race of the series, but who will be going head to head for the title?

Will Legend Jess Stone win a 4th straight title? Will new challengers such as Charlotte Green finally beat Jess to the title?

The racing takes place in Montgomery Square, Canary Wharf, London 16th August. Pro Qualy 1pm. Racing at 6.30pm.

Pick your favourite

Juliet Elliott (SV Rank: Pro)

Award-winning cycling blogger, professional fixed-gear racer and all round bike nut, Juliet is famous for her passion for two-wheels. Racing all over the globe, Juliet has made a name for herself as both a fitness specialist and dare devil, you can count on her to make the SuperFinals super exciting! She will also be making a YouTube vlog about her Insync StreetVelodrome experience.

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Virginia Cancellieri (SV Rank: Silver)

Flying over from Italy is international fixed-gear racer, Virginia. This young star previously spend 6 months honing her track skills in London before returning home to fulfill a career in cycling and sculpture studies. With a silver medal in her first ever event at Round One in Dublin, we’re expecting great things from her at the Insync StreetVelodrome SuperFinals.

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Charlotte Green (SV Rank: Silver)

Current 2018 UCI BMX race world champion, Charlotte is an amazing talent of both skill and speed, with a bright future in professional racing ahead of her. Flying the flag for Great Britain on the small bikes, we couldn’t be more proud to have her turning circles on the dropped bars of our Viking bikes. She’ll also be around to sign autographs at the Insync StreetVelodrome SuperFinals.

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Vero Widmann (SV Rank: Bronze)

She is no stranger to the international stage, however it is fair to say that 2018 has been the making of World Cup Downhill racer Vero. Her ability has now seen her consistently in the top-10 fastest women down a hill in the world and we can’t congratulate her enough for claiming a podium spot this season. This Italian hero will be over to fuel the international field at the Insync StreetVelodrome SuperFinals.

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Jess Stone (SV Rank: Legend)

The so-far unbeatable Jess Stone has never yet lost a race in her 4 years of StreetVelodrome. This downhill racer turned StreetVelodromer has a history of national race results and once held the Scottish Champion title! Come and see if she will continue her domination amongst an ever-faster field of international women racers.

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Becci Skelton (SV Rank: Pro)

Becci is one of Britain’s main answers to world-level downhill. This girl has gained popularity as much for her gung-ho attitude to bike riding as her ferocious approach to fitness and will be seen smashing it around the Insync StreetVelodrome SuperFinals with fearlessness.

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Alyssa Podesta (SV Rank: Debut Rider)

Alyssa has built up a following in the cycling community based on her love of the outdoors and hitting big jumps on her mountain bike. Mountain bike skills are known to be an advantage to StreetVelodrome racers, so we are looking forward to seeing what she is going to throw down on the day of the Insync StreetVelodrome SuperFinals.

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Jessica Watts (SV Rank: Gold)

Young Jessica Watts came from a national road cycling background and is one of the few representing the tarmac. It is rare to see racers on the StreetVelodrome show such skill and ability without some history of off-road practice. She is an absolute natural and the podium at the Insync SreetVelodrome SuperFinals holds much expectation for her.

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Rowena Price (SV Rank: Gold)

Rowena is our most inspirational zero to hero story, showing that at StreetVelodrome anything can happen! She took part in the Worthing amateurs event in 2015 and was so fast she ended up being invited back as a Pro riders. Many times in second place, she took her first ever Pro gold medal at Round One in Dublin earlier this season. It’s probably no longer legit to call her the underdog, as such a fierce competitor but in many ways she is still the public’s hero amongst a field of internationally acclaimed riders. Give her a cheer in the Insync StreetVelodrome SuperFinals.

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