Here's the low down on who will be racing in the 2018 Viking Pro Series Superfinals in Canary Wharf 16th August 2018. 

Sam Reynolds (SV Rank: Debut Rider)

Born and bred in Surrey, Sam could be seen as a local rider but in reality he is an international superstar. His fans know him best for his results in the slopestyle world of huge jumps and tricks, as well as entertaining videos online. The crowd watching the Insync StreetVelodrome SuperFinals are in for a thrill when Sam hits the bankings! Follow him:

Phil Atwill (SV Rank: Debut Rider)

Larger than life personality and character in the world of gravity mountain biking, see Phil Atwill swap his downhill bike for a singlespeed Viking road bike. It will be his debut on our StreetVelodrome, so will his badass biking skills be enough to match the experience of some of the other racers?

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 Daryl Brown (SV Rank: Debut Rider)

Another rider from the scene of slopestyle, Daryl will be flying in from competing internationally on the morning of the Insync StreetVelodrome SuperFinals. Hoping for jet-speed instead of jet-lag, Daryl is usually the kid with all the tricks. Let’s see what he can offer our track. Follow him:

 Jono Jones (SV Rank: Gold Rider)

Enduro mountain biker Jono Jones is famed for many appearances in online bike videos and photoshoots. Introducing the Le Mans running start to the Viking Pro Series we were intrigued to see him take the win on his second ever day of racing StreetVelodrome. We wonder if he will bring any other new, cheeky techniques to the Insync StreetVelodrome SuperFinals. Follow him:

 Sergio Layos (SV Rank: Bronze Rider)

This Spanish rider has been invited specially to the UK to compete in the Insync StreetVelodrome SuperFinals thanks to his internationally acclaimed BMX skills. A freestyle competitor in skateparks, Sergio is often seen on the top step on the world stage. Follow him;

 Patrick Robinson (SV Rank: Legend)

2 x StreetVelodrome champion, Demi-God Patrick’s global Urban Downhill success will see him right at home in the city environment. Patrick’s forte are man-made courses with a big crowd and he is used to riding whatever bike comes his way. Single-speed Viking road bike? He’s got it nailed. Although he has never been beaten in an Insync StreetVelodrome SuperFinal, he has never been up against such renowned riders.

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Alec Briggs (SV Rank: Debut Rider)

Despite being the only Insync StreetVelodrome SuperFinalist who competes internationally on the road, Alec’s skills should not be dismissed. Fixed gear racer, track racer and even folding-bike race winner, Alec is the manager of Team Tekkers, a London-based team of fun and fast bike riders. Loved and local, you can cheer for Alec in Canary Wharf. Follow him:

 Csaba Csenge (SV Rank: Silver Rider)

Hungarian downhiller, Csaba or “Chubbs” for those who can’t quite manage the tongue twister, has raced the every round of the Viking Pro Series with a penchant for DQ’s after crossing the white Johnson Line. He’s hungry for the win and the Insync StreetVelodrome SuperFinals is his last chance in 2018.

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Bryn Dickerson (SV Rank: Bronze Rider)

Making this field truly international, downhill mountain biker Bryn is hailing all the way from New Zealand to take on Europe in the battle of the bankings. Bryn is one of the fastest downhillers in the world, qualifying for World Cup status. Watch him rail the Viking road bikes at the Insync StreetVelodrome SuperFinals.

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Harry Molloy (SV Rank: Bronze Rider)

World Cup downhiller from Kent but rarely on home soil, Harry has got flow and style. One of the podium contesters last year, he’ll be hoping for the same or more in Canary Wharf at the Insync StreetVelodrome SuperFinals.

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