Viking Pro Series rider Alice Staniford has been visiting local primary schools and spreading the Cycling Futures message ahead of this weekend's Pro racing in Leigh Town Centre.

Alice has been visiting primary schools which are participating in on track activities at the Insync StreetVelodrome before the Pro Riders take to the track on Saturday.

A key part of the school out reach programme is to inspire the future generation of cyclists by delivering the key Cycling Futures message:

Cycling is fun

Cycling is good for you

Cycling is good for everyone

"I have been made very welcome by the schools we're visiting" Alice commented. "The kids are so excited to get on track and these visits help us to tap into that excitement to help shape their view of cycling as a fun, healthy and environmentally friendly way to get about".

Cycling Futures, supported by DeNovo Bikes, hopes to influence future behaviour change by inspiring young people to think of bikes as more than just a toy.

"A bike can be a life changing object." says StreetVelodrome Director Carl Thompson.

"We hope that through our schools outreach programme we can help teaching staff to underpin the Cycling Futures message through the national curriculum framework. We produce literacy and numeracy lesson plans using the benefits of cycling as the central topic.

Official bike partner: Denovo Bikes

Official helmet partner: Limar Helmets