The all new Viking Pro Series is about to explode into action on the cobbles of Smithfield Square, Dublin, on 16th June.

The new look competition will see the Pro Riders competing as individuals throughout the Series with prize money on offer for the fastest riders.

The first round will see the riders battling it out over the unforgiving cobbles of Smithfield Square in Dublin.

Last year Patrick Robinson (pictured) won gold in the male category and went on to win the Series for his team. Can he repeat that feat in 2018?

Reigning triple female champion Jess Stone (pictured) won't be competing in Dublin. Instead she'll be watching the action online via StreetVelodromeTV as the new breed of Pro racers take to the track to begin their challenge to take her crown.

Will she stop their aspirations for the Series title at the SuperFinals.

The tour will then move on to its first ever double header weekend 14/15 July, held in Leigh Town Centre near Wigan. The riders will have two bites of the cherry with racing held on the Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

The regional events offer the riders a chance to improve their seeding position ahead of the all important SuperFinals held once again in Canary Wharf, London.

The top seeds will not have to worry about qualifying well at the Superfinals. But those who have failed to score big during the regional rounds will need to put in some brave performances to avoid facing the top seeds in the elimination rounds that lead to the all important medal races.

Also gunning for glory will be Rowena Price (pictured), always the bridesmaid never the bride, she has won more silver and bronze medals than any other pro rider. Can she strike gold in 2018?

For the most aggressive riders there's the Catch Trophy to be won. A catch occurs when a faster rider catches their opponent before the end of their 3 lap pursuit race. The rider scoring the most Catches at the end of the Series will lift the trophy and cash in the cheque!

Can an early victory on the cobbles of Dublin help seal a third consecutive title for Patrick? Will the new challengers finally stop the dominance of Jess Stone?

As well as the pro battles there will be amateur racing in the Rider's Cup, NexGen Series racing for local 12 to 16 year olds and the crowd favourite the Sharks v Tigers for 3 to 11 year olds.

Join us in Smithfield Square, Dublin on 16 June to find out what happens.