Who is the ultimate pro rider? Our pro rider rankings help settle the argument. We separate the pros from the legends in our new for 2018 Pro Rider Rankings

The way the Pro Riders are ranked is simple:

All riders who qualify to race in the Viking Pro Series will automatically get the rank of Pro.

Those who go on to win a race medal will get upgraded to either Bronze, Silver or Gold status depending on which medal they win.

If two or more riders have the same ranking based on one medal win then which ever rider achieved that status first will be ranked higher. If two or more riders have the same ranking, the rider with the most additional medals of a lower grade will be ranked higher.

Those riders who manage to win at the prestigious SUPERFINALS will graduate to CHAMP status. Anna Glowinski is the top rider with Champ status.

The very few riders who manage to win multiple SUPERFINALS gain the ultimate status of LEGEND.

Three times Superfinals champion Jess Stone is currently the ultimate legend. With Patrick Robinson and Dave Johnson in second and third thanks to them both winning at the Superfinals twice.

Check out the Pro Rider Rankings now and see which riders are most likely to start as favourites in the 2018 Viking Pro Series