Patrick Robinson made his Viking ProSeries debut back in 2014

His first gold medal win was 2016 Round 1 Eden Project, Cornwall.

His first SuperFinals win was 2016 at Green Park, London

He defended his title at the 2017 SuperFinals in Canary Wharf, London

How did I get into cycling?

When I was a child around 8/9 years old I use to play out at the bottom of my street with lots of other children, we all rode bikes. We would race around the block or make ramps from bits of wood and bricks and see how many people we could jump over.

When I got a bit older I went to my first bmx track (Horbury). Me and a couple of my friends would spend every day of the summer holidays building jumps, having BBQs and riding. Every time I smell a BBQ now it reminds me of that place.

Later on when I was around 16 my local town decided to build a skatepark. I picked my college with the intention to ride there every day after lessons. After four years of studying Sport Science & Personal Training I decided to move to London to peruse a dream of being a model whilst attending university.

At this point it became more and more difficult to find the time to ride BMX. However after a few years I got my first enduro, mainly because my girlfriend at the time rode mountain bikes and that meant I could go out riding with her. Though I didn't enjoy the long 'pedally' rides I loved the fast downhill and jumps!

I soon enough realised I wanted to get into the downhill scene. My friend Daryl knew my style of riding with my BMX background and showed me the urban downhills, I was lucky enough to get invited to the Bratislava Urban Downhill. Daryl and I headed to Slovakia to compete. Daryl was kind enough to lend me his downhill bike as I only had the enduro bike at the time. I finished in 7th place and was instantly hooked.

Soon after I sold my bike and bought a downhill bike from world cup rider, Harry Molloy (who now also races in StreetVelodrome). I am now continuing to ride downhill always looking for the biggest jumps and pushing myself to the limit.

What's important to me?

I have always been passionate about helping people from being a personal trainer to teaching people how to cycle. My goal now is to educate and inspire other people helping them achieve their goals and understand the way the human mind works.

Psychology is not just about performance and winning; Its about over coming fear, coping with anxiety or a lack of confidence, its about getting the motivation to achieve your goals. The mind is powerful allowing you to believe in yourself to do incredible things and that is something that inspired me to get involved in the #Mindgames campaign.

By understanding your mind and with certain interventions you can turn a negative thought into something really positive.

My best StreetVelodrome moment?

It has to be winning my first title back in 2016. It was a tough season. I crashed out of the Ballyclare round, breaking my nose. I had to miss a round of the Series to help me recover. But managed to bounce back in time for the SuperFinals. There I battled against the defending champion Dave Johnson in one of the closest races I've ever had which set me up for a shot at the title. But I had to beat an in form Jack Ravenscroft. Half way through the final race I messed up on one of the turns and thought I'd thrown it all away. But I managed to hang on to win the race and the title.

The 2018 Viking Pro-Series

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