If coaching hundreds of kids, or inspiring others to get involved and take the challenge this team would be leading the medal table by now. But sadly for the Suffolk Saints is race results that matter.

Their bare cupboard of medals doesnt' tell the whole tale for this very capable duo. John has missed out on bronze 4 times, each by mere fractions of a second. And at the last round, Round 7 Bury St Edmunds, both riders set their best ever times in the pro qualifying session.

So far this season John's solitary win against Matti Hemmings (Team Cornwall) in Round 5 Stockton has been the highlight of the Series. Can they gain something more at the SuperFinals for all their hardwork this Series?

With a very strong amateur rider line up it could change the fortunes for the team and lift them from the bottom of the leaderboard in either of the three team competitions. It will be fingers crossed for all those supporting the team back in Suffolk.

The SuperFinals will be held in Green Park, Central London as part of Prudential RideLondon. Amateur Qualifying starts at 9.30. Pro Qualifying starts at 12pm. The racing starts at 2pm with the final podium celebrations expected around 3.30pm.

Can the Suffolk Saints come marching home on Saturday?