The sunshine team for many, The South Coast Rollers have offered some dazzling race performances during the 2016 Series. The highlight being their home event in Round 6 Worthing where they topped qualifying and went on to win their 2 silver medals.

Rowena was the 2015 amateur female champion and has taken the step up to the pro level easily within her stride with a number of outstanding performances on track.

The team started the Series off in dramatic style when Jack Ravenscroft crashed out of pro qualifying rendering the team to the back of the seeding. Another low point was Round 4 Ballyclare when Rowena crashed out chasing what she thought was a 'catch' opportunity.

What these results show is this is a determined and focused team where anything can happen. They could leapfrog both Team London, Angels of the North and Belfast Titans for 2nd place, they could win the Most Wins Trophy or grab individual champion titles. Or they could crash out and leave with nothing at all. Either way these two will still be smiling.

The SuperFinals will be held in Green Park, Central London as part of Prudential RideLondon. Amateur Qualifying starts at 9.30. Pro Qualifying starts at 12pm. The racing starts at 2pm with the final podium celebrations expected around 3.30pm.

Will the sun shine on the South Coast Rollers on Saturday?