SURFS UP - The South Coast Rollers will be needing local crowd support to move up from 5th place in the StreetVelodrome National Series league table. The team is comprised of Jack Ravenscroft, an experienced StreetVelodrome rider who shows consistency in his riding and Rowena Price, the Worthing-discovered amateur-turned-Pro who has been getting faster and faster all season.

Last year, there was a great crowd turnout on the Worthing sea front and we are looking forward to an even bigger and better event as the public now know what sort of a treat they are in for. With Pro riders Jack and Rowena on hand from Friday to coach local rides, plus Love Proto restaurant group providing locally produced, healthy and gourmet food in the event village, it is set to be a very special few days. However, Jack and Rowena are not there just to have fun and eat good food, they have their eye on the medal table and need to either get a gold for the team or a silver each to leap frog above the Belfast Titans.

The likelihood of a gold is low, as the women’s and men’s competition is pretty much sewn up at the top (Jess Stone of Team Cornwall for the women and Mad Dave (Team London) /Patrick Robinson (Angels of the North) for the men)…however, as we have seen at previous rounds, anything can happen, especially when adverse weather conditions or energy from the crowds come into play. Two silver medals, on the otherhand, is certainly a realistic goal, with both Jack and Rowena proving that they can put down the speed to warrant second place.

The question is, can they do it on home soil? “Pull Back Jack” has a habit of getting off to slower starts and clawing his way back to a win, which is very exciting for the crowd but it doesn’t always pay off in the results as sometimes, he doesn’t quite bring back the win. He will have to focus on speed from the outset and maintaining it throughout the 3 lap races. Rowena has proven her worth with some exceptionally quick times but is sometimes inconsistent, with her speed fluctuating throughout her races. If she can maintain focus and uphold her fastest times, then there is no doubt that a silver medal can be hers.

The team currently positioned 5th in the medal table with six bronze medals.

It will come down to atmosphere and vibe, if the crowd is behind them, the chances are they’ll be able to pull their best performances out of the bag, as has been shown at the other Rounds of the National Series so far.

There is also a chance to find “the next Rowena” as the fastest male and female amateur riders of the day will win themselves a spot onto the South Coast Rollers team. The complete team of four – Rowena, Jack and the two fastest amateurs in Worthing, will get to represent the South Coast at the StreetVelodrome SuperFinals in London in front of Buckingham Palace. This is how Rowena got through last year and now she is living the dream as a pro rider. Both her and Jack will be delighted to share their experience with local amateur riders and will be putting on their best performances in Worthing on Sunday.