Selecting the right gear is critical and can make a huge difference to a rider's lap time.

For the past two years the gear ratios to the official race bikes have been standardised meaning all competitors raced using identically bikes including the set gear ratios.

However for some riders this compromised their performance over the three key aspects of the race (the start, the high speed banking and the stamina required to maintain the sprint pace over three laps).

So to make the pro rider competition even closer StreetVelodrome will be giving each of the Pro Riders the opportunity to select from three gear ratio options. Their choices can be made on race day after they have had the chance to ride the track and evaluate which ratio would suit their individual riding style the best.

Series Director Carl Thompson comments "We're starting our third Series now and learning more about this new sport all the time. Its really important for us that all the competitors use the same specification of bike so that the racing is a pure test of the individual and not who has the best kit. But we need to balance this with ensuring the racing is as close as it could possibly be. That's why we are so excited about the impact this rule change will have on the 2016 Series."

The rules remain the same for Amateur riders at each regional round where they will only have one gear ratio available. This will be pre-selected by the Race Officials. Those Amateurs who qualify to race at the SuperFinals, and to join the ranks of the Pro Riders for the day, will be given the same opportunity to select their preferred gearing.

The 2016 UK StreetVelodrome Series kicks off at Eden Project on 8th May. For more event information visit To enter the Amateur competition go to and click on Join In.