'It's In Our DNA' Campaign Launched

Its in our DNA.jpg

StreetVelodrome, the World's most accessible cycle sport, has launched a campaign to set out its vision and values. The campaign, called 'It's In Our DNA', will illustrate StreetVelodrome's mission to make cycle sport more accessible.

As cyclists we all love our sport and we know that most cyclists are also passionate ambassadors for their sport too. Eager to encourage more people to get involved and engage whether that's participating or simply watching it on TV.

What is StreetVelodrome DNA?

StreetVelodrome Series events offer free race entry, free bike loan, free coaching and free spectator viewing of 100% of the action.

  • When somebody experiences competitive cycling for the first time.

  • When they experience cycle sport coaching for the first time.

  • When they engage with live cycle sport as a participant or spectator for the first time.

These experiences inspire individuals to go further in their own cycle sport journey. But wherever their personal story takes them, there will be StreetVelodrome DNA weaving through it from the start.

What is StreetVelodrome's Role?

Created to reflect the growing appetite for the drama and excitement of cycle sport and the broad appeal of Olympic style pursuit racing. StreetVelodrome offers competent riders a thrilling, adrenaline filled riding experience and for spectators, a close racing spectacle with an exciting and accessible appeal.

But for those new to cycle sport riding the banked corners takes just minutes to learn. Within a few steps participants can be coached ready to line up for the start of, for many, their first ever cycle race.

The racing is fast, instant and infectious. It doesn’t take long before both the riders and spectators are feeling that StreetVelodrome rush.

StreetVelodrome offers riders of all abilities and experience free race entry, free bike loan and free coaching. Plus the priceless experience of going head to head in an exciting pursuit race against their opponent. In some cases those who qualify to race in our televised StreetVelodrome Series will race against Olympic and Elite level opposition.

What are StreetVelodrome's Brand Values?

These are the three key strands of the StreetVelodrome DNA. They are our committments to ensure we reach our 'Bigger Picture' goal.

To communicate and engage

What we mean – to create a high quality media product with appeal to both cycle sport core and broader audiences.

To deliver community and legacy benefits

What we mean – to work with local agencies to provide a clear legacy program aimed at increasing children’s access to sport and behaviour change in adults.

To be innovative and flexible

What we mean – to create a ‘make it happen ethos’ working with our supplier, brand, media and host stakeholders.

So what is the Bigger Picture?

We aim to weave our thread of StreetVelodrome DNA within the future growth of cycle sport both in the UK and globally.

Our aspiration is for StreetVelodrome to become globally recognised and synonymous as the foremost gateway event to competitive cycle sport.

To learn more about our 'It's In Our DNA' campaign and to be a part of it email info@streetVelodrome.com