Changes for 2015

streetvelodrome series 2015 white.jpg
The 2015 UK StreetVelodrome Series is set to tour across the nation again bringing the excitement of track style pursuit racing straight to the people.

New for 2015 will be a fleet of mean looking race spec single speed bikes which all competitors (Pro or Am) will use throughout the Series.

In addition organisers are expected to announce an increased race calendar enabling even more people to enjoy the experience and unbelieveable accessability of the racing action. With some new locations being added to the favourites from 2014, the tracks will be more varied in terms of length, racing surface and speed. This should mean certain rounds of the Series will favour the power riders whilst others will better suit the technical riders.

Also for 2015 will be some minor rule changes. Riders will find the racing more competitive with the risk of losing by a catch more likley. In addition, if a rider is beaten they are more likely to be elliminated instantly than in 2014. Meaning they will have to win to stay in.

We are also expecting some new names and faces to join the racing in 2015. New teams are already signed up for the 2015 campaign and intend to win by bringing riders with proven talent.

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