SportPursuit Sponsors the StreetVelodrome Series

Leading online sports brand retailer SportPursuit is to be the head line sponsor of the 2014 StreetVelodrome Series.

SportPursuit is a rapidly growing membership based on line retailer offering pop up sales of top branded sports gear with massive discounts. Their time limited sales offer up to 70% off the RRP via the website.

"SportPursuit and StreetVelodrome are a great fit", says Series Director Carl Thompson. "Firstly both brands are based on the notion of pop-up. SportPursuit with their amazing time limited sales and StreetVelodrome with our unique form of track cycling which can turn any open space into a theatre of cycling action. Then of course there's the name its self. Pursuit is the style of racing we do in the StreetVelodrome Series, with two riders going head to head in an attempt to beat or even catch their opponent over a short sprint distance."

But most of all its a shared ethos. "SportPursuit's belief is that the best kit should be available to anyone who is active, no matter at what level. And top brands shouldn't be the reserve of the Pros. That's very reflective of the StreetVelodrome core values that our blend of cycle sport should be accessible to all, no matter what level of experience or ability. Anyone can take part".

The series will be known as The SportPursuit StreetVelodrome Series and the iconic banked corners will carry the SportPursuit message.

Sport Pursuit has a stated mission to lead a revolution and inspire more and more people to discover sports gear they'll fall in love with. Because we all know when you take part its great to look the part too. Quality brands perform better, look better and inspire you to achieve better in your sporting goals.

The series kicks off this weekend in Stevenage as part of Stevenage Day a full day of sports related activities held in King George V Recreational Grounds. The events have been supported by Stevenage Borough Council and Sports Stevenage.

Amateur riders wishing to take part in this event should click here to pre-enter for their chance to race amongst the Pros.