C4's Concrete Circus Star to Race StreetVelodrome

Keelan Phillips, BMX Flatland style rider who featured in Channel 4's hit tv show Concrete Circus, will be racing this weekend at Round 1 of the StreetVelodrome Series.

Keelan will be appearing in the Mad Dog Energy Lemonade StreetVelodrome Team for the first round of the UK's newest and most dynamic televised cycle sport.

With slip second reactions, explosive acceleration and supreme bike handling skills required, the StreetVelodrome Series should be an excellent arena to find a new breed of cycling hero.

Spectators can enjoy free access to 100% of the action on Sunday. And whilst he is not racing Keelan will be keen to show off some of his amazing and utterly cool smooth rollling and perfectly balanced bmx tricks.

Okay he can ride no handed, but will he be winning gold on Sunday?

Find out and join us for Round 1 of the StreetVelodrome Series 2014 at the King George V Recreational Grounds as part of Stevenage Day.

To enter the event as a competitor, for your chance to team up with Keelan and the other Pro riders for the day click here.

Don't forget your special discount voucher code street50 for a 50% discount on race entry.

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