The Latest StreetVelodrome Team News

The other registered teams for this year's StreetVelodrome Series will be joined by the Mad Dog Energy Lemonade Cycling Team. Like the other teams they'll be hoping for success from Round 1 of the series at Stevenage on 8th June.

Mad Dog Energy Lemonade is a light and fresh tasting energy drink. Unlike other energy drinks it resembles a lightly carbonated lemonade soft drink whilst still maintaining the same energy levels. Mad Dog Energy Lemonade is now available in Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East as well as US military bases across Europe.

Here's what Ross Van Geest and the team at Mad Dog had to say about competing in the StreetVelodrome Series...

"Mad Dog Energy Lemonade is delighted to be a team sponsor in the inaugural year of StreetVelodrome. Having taken part in BMX for the first time this year we felt that StreetVelodrome was the perfect addition to our cycle sponsorship programme.

We were particularly drawn to StreetVelodrome as it enables novice riders to compete alongside Pro Riders whilst gaining invaluable tips and training along the way.

WWe have no doubt that this new concept will be a massive hit on Channel 4 and international networks."

The team will be gunning for medals right from the off. But then again, so will the others. Its going to be a fascinating battle held right across the country with rounds in Stevenage, Ealing, Harrogate, Stockton, Paisley and our Super Final in central London.

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