StreetVelodrome Supports Space For Cycling Campaign

StreetVelodrome are proud to be supporting the Space for Cycling campaign.

Throughout the forthcoming StreetVelodrome Series we will be helping to promote awareness of the campaign to make Britain's roads safer for everyday cycling.

Like campaign supporters London Cycling Campaign and CTC we believe that the growth in cycling in the UK has to be met by better infrastructure and improved opportunities to ride safely.

But its not all about cycle lanes. Attitudes and behaviours need to catch up with the reality of the growth in UK cycling. We all need to share the road.

From our part that means the more motorists who also cycle as a sport, leisure activity or commute the better understanding there will be towards cyclists. And for cyclists, riding whilst feeling in danger is not pleasant and sometimes can require a 'defensive' approach. This in turn can cause conflict with motorists. And so the problem revolves.

So our contribution towards the solution is more people on bikes more often. StreetVelodrome is all about having a go and taking that fear out of your head. Whether its facing the challenge of the banked corners for the first time or the challenge of your first commute to work by bike. Getting out there and doing it will prove to you how easy and enjoyable it is.

To take part in any of our StreetVelodrome Series events click here and use voucher code space4cycling to get a 25% discount on your race entry fee.

More information on the Space for Cycling campaign can be found at spaceforcycling