Primal Europe Supporting the StreetVelodrome Challenge

Primal Europe are supporting The StreetVelodrome Challenge at this year's Changing Places Event at Derby Multi Sports Arena on 30th October.

We asked Primal Europe's James Smith about the similarities between StreetVelodrome's wide access appeal and Primal Europe's origins and outlook.

"Our company was founded by avid cyclists with a desire for high quality cycling apparel that broke the mold. Since 1992, Primal Wear has been dedicated to providing cyclists with highly technical clothing that looks great and performs perfectly. At our heart, we are cyclists, business people and artists who have found a way to combine our talents to produce some of the most recognizable jerseys in the world. Our original designs set riders apart from the crowd - rather it is by bringing your favorite beers and rock groups to life or showing your pride with our military jerseys. Since our inception the company has been growing steadily and we now sell hundreds of thousands of apparel items around the world every year. Despite our growth, we strive to maintain the grassroots culture that fosters innovation and creativity and allows us to keep in touch with the soul of the sport we are dedicated to. Primal Wear is not now, nor ever will be, a corporation run by a board whose major concern is peddling rather than pedaling. This is a company of die hard cyclists committed to improving the sport"

That's why we feel StreetVelodrome's committment to giving amateur riders great opportunities to compete on level terms with the Pros is a great 'open to all' approach to racing.